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Full color flexographic presses

What is flexographic printing?

Flexographic printing is a popular method for printing large orders of custom labels at rapid speeds by transferring ink onto the material using flexible printing plates mounted on fast-rotating cylinders.

Flexographic printing plates allow for more customization options compared to other presses, which provides for a diverse range of label products and materials. For example, we offer pressure adhesive labels, removable adhesive labels, multi-layer labels, and much more.

Cost-Effective Printing

To achieve the best color results on your label, we use the standard four color process of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and ‘key’ black) inks.

After the initial setup costs, flexographic printing becomes more cost-effective with the more labels you order.

Top Selling


Pressure Sensitive Labels

Our Pressure sensitive products come in an endless variety of materials, shapes and sizes. We have the capacity to manufacture any type of labeling that is needed for your specific application from blank labels to eight color printing including bar coding and consecutive numbered jobs.

Company Focus

Top Selling Industry Products

Health & Wellness

We’ve built our processes to comply with FDA regulations and other quality standards so your custom labels are legible and properly adhere to pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or vitamin products.

Food & Beverage

From wine to sauces, we have printed pressure sensitive labels for well known food and beverage brands.


Household items must have labels that are able to stand up to tough conditions like constant handling and chemicals. We create our labels out of durable materials to ensure that your label will not crack, peel, or become discolored.

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